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The Contact Tracing job requires the use of a lot of technology. From CommCare, the tool that manages cases and contacts to Microsoft Teams, the tool our team uses to communicate with each other to Amazon Connect, the tool we use to communicate with contacts. There's a lot to know so we'll try and add tips and tricks and training links here to help you stay on top of it all.

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Getting started in CommCare

The NY-CDCMS, also known as CommCare, is a web-based and SMS Text Message system developed to improve infectious disease response for the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary objective of this tool is to reduce the burden on public health staff by automating and reducing cumbersome data collection workflows and streamlining communication between the various units responding to the outbreak. The core areas that this system aims to cover include support for screening and triage protocols, information dissemination, surveillance and contact tracing, and patient self-reporting.


CommCare Tips from the Team

Have you tamed the beast? Let us know!

CommCare can be a challenge daily. From login issues to confusing errors to painfully slow load times. But after months of using the system, some of us have figured out the workarounds. Share your knowledge and workarounds of this system that makes our job possible.

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// Microsoft Teams: Quick Start Guide

New to Microsoft Teams? Use this guide to learn the basics.

Microsoft Teams is how our large team communicates through chats, video meetings, file sharing and more. If you're new to this tool, check out the quick start guide for a general overview of how to use the system.


Microsoft Teams Tips from the Team

Have some tips for using Teams? Let us know!

Microsoft Teams is used for chats, video calls, file storage and more. If you're new to Microsoft products or the Teams platform, using this tool can be overwhelming. Share your tips and tricks for Teams.

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// Amazon Connect: ctsupport.health.ny.gov

Using Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is the tool tracers use to call contacts through the internet versus using a phone. When contacts receive our calls, they see "NYS Contact Tracing" as the caller ID which protects our identity.

Learn more about this tool on the CT Training website under NYS DOH Trainings.