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// The Finger Lakes Team

We are a diverse team of 700+ people spread out over 9 counties in the Finger Lakes region of New York, consisting of managers, contact tracers, community support specialists, case investigators, school specialists, and trainers. Each one of us is brought together on this team to help fight the spread of Covid in our beloved state that has been hit so hard by this virus. Every day you're making a difference in peoples lives during this very uncertain time. 

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// Career Services

The goal of the VCC Career Services is to provide the tools for our team to conduct an effective job search for life after tracing. We will be offering resources in the job search process, resume preparation and evaluation, writing cover letters, networking, interviewing skills, as well as how to start a side hustle.

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// The Business of Tracers

Our team of tracers are more than just good citizens wanting to help stop the spread of Covid, some are also business owners! Browse the gallery and support the local businesses of the Finger Lakes region. If you have a business, are a freelancer, or have a sidegig you'd like to share with the team, please send your info to

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Children Playing

Focus on the Children

A private not-for-profit funding agency serving the needs of children of Livingston County.

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Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields gives you the best skin of your life and the confidence that comes with it.

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Lakeside Doodles

Breeding Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, and Bernedoodles for 17 years.


// Shout Outs //

Good afternoon. I just logged out of my position for the last time today. I thought I would mow the lawn and enjoy some sunshine. Instead, I mowed the lawn in tears. I will miss all of you and the meaningful job we have done this year. I have never experienced such a wonderful group of co workers and supervisors. The added bonus was obvious... minimizing the spread of COVID. I can't thank you all enough for this opportunity and connection. I have not shared on this site before, other than perhaps a recipe. But I have certainly followed it! I have also enjoyed the assistance provided by the career site folks! When I began this job, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was working full time in Batavia and doing this job part time. Mom lived in Syracuse, so I was lugging my lap top back and forth to be with her when I could until she passed. My supervisors were nothing short of amazing in regards to assisting me with scheduling during that time. I considered ending my position as she came closer to her passing. She said, "Please don't stop this job Katie. You're working a lot but something tells me this is meant to be." She was right. After she passed I took a leave from my full time job to work here full time. It was one decision I will never regret. I have shared my email with my supervisors and welcome that being shared to anyone from the initiative who wants to stay in touch. My first supervisor was Laurie. I will never forget our talk prior to my first call. She immediately put me at ease. My supervisors beyond include Annie Behr, Danielle Rider and most recently Scott Russell and Sandra Heneka. You've all been so amazing and consistently kind. Jacob Phillips, although you weren't my supervisor, you provided great guidance when we worked together, combined with humor :) Stacey Rodgers you were always readily available and so helpful. Antonette Preston, it was wonderful watching you transition from co-worker to supervisor and literally fielding questions your first day so well! Scott and Sandy, your endless communication regarding updates and navigation through changes was beyond words. I'm happy to have ended my time here with you as my supervisors. Last but not least, thank you to all of my co-workers for helping each other catch up with new, ever changing updates! I shall end my emotional, word salad with, "You all rock!" Please stay in touch.

- Katherine Elia

I wanted to thank Mark Paoni for all your help today. I appreciated all your feedback on my resume, cover letters and the other ideas you shared. You are indeed a wonderful resource, and I am so grateful for the feedback. I will follow the suggestions, review all the information you shared and be in touch this week.  


We are so lucky to have you helping in this capacity and I hope everyone is aware of your expertise, professionalism, and insight.

- Mary Ellen Jesmer

If I were to leave this job today, I would say to you Dorthea King-Simpson as my TS..... Thank you so very much!!!! I will go away from this initiative with many life lessons learned from this experience. Along with words I will carry with me for the rest of my days, "Slow down and start over" as well as "Some days we conquer, and some days we just have to try again tomorrow". I honestly thank you Dorthea, for entering my life, and leaving an impression. That I will forever feel with great fondness, respect, and admiration.

- Doreena Plucinik

Wayne County PH would like to recognize Stephanie, Mark, and Laney for their efforts! They were/are instrumental in keeping WCPH’s head above water when school reopened last fall. Prior to obtaining a school specialist, most of our phone calls were from school nurses and our nurses were working countless hours identifying who needed to be quarantined due to exposures at school. They have been very professional and timely with their work.

On behalf of the Finger Lakes Leadership Team


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the following team members!

May 22, 2021

Sheila Accorso

Eileen Blakely

Karen Boss

Dawn Brugger

Amanda Carley

Gwendolyn Chamberlain

Jessica Conner

Katherine Elia

Anne Ellison

Robert Fogel

Kathleen Frauel

Patricia Habben

Cynthia Horth

Rachael Jagger

Caroline Maniccia

Elizabeth Mann

Brenda McGuane

Sheila McWethy

Beth Mullen

Grant Nettnin

Sarah Oremus

Krystal Pitcher

Antonette Preston

Danielle Rider

Michael Ryan

Elizabeth Sherwood

Katie Simar

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!!  This is outstanding!

Kelley Ellison - Community Support Specialist Lead

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Tina Allen - Call Center Director

WOW! This date almost got by me! I certainly remember those early days and the incredible group of trail blazers we started with. We stumbled along, we felt our way in the dark, forward and backward; however, we were thrilled and honored to be a part of something we KNEW was so important. Thank you Laurie for EVERYTHING you did for us then, and all you continue to do for us now. Well done everyone!!

Elizabeth Sherwood - CSS Outreach Coordinator

Wow!! A year!! What a crazy ride it has been for sure! From no Commcare. To Commcare. To constant day to day changes and sometimes hour to hour changes. Every day has been like facing a new challenge head on. And if all else failed..we punted!! Literally the most rewarding job I have ever had. Congrats to everyone on a job well done and for doing your part on keeping our communities safe and helping them through some of their most scary and unknown moments of their lives!!

Sheila Mcwethy - Contact Tracer

Congrats everyone!!! Honored to be  amongst this amazing group! Everything has come such a long way since the beginning. We all have learned and grown so much!
Elizabeth Mann - Contact Tracer

I want to give a shout out to Shivrang Setlur. In May I trained with him and despite my impatience at times, I feel that he taught me some very valuable things. He held nothing back and urged me to try new techniques for expediting my workflow. Thanks Shivrang!

- John Nowak

I would like to shout out to one of my team members, Sarah MarvinShe has been accepted into the LPN training program and she is over the moon proud and excited to begin in October. Her goal is to work in the NICU unit. Congrats Sarah!

- Antonette Preston, Team Supervisor

betsy css.jpeg

​Elizabeth Sherwood, CSS Outreach Coordinator was in Mount Morris in Livingston County at the Community Health and Safety Fair distributing 150 PPE Kits and 100 extra masks. Representing our VCC mission!

Eleanor Oi brought tears to my eyes with her heart-warming story featured on Brightened my Monday morning! Thank you Eleanor!


"Eleanor Oi of Brighton is finally doing something she's always wanted to do. She is raising a puppy that will someday mean the world to someone else." Read more >

- Korin Reynolds

Anne Ellison is a caring genuine person and one of the original three Team Supervisors on our Regional team.  Anne brings 14 + years of emergency room clinical care experience to our team. Anne's experience in high paced, ever changing trauma environments were a natural fit for leading our teams in this pandemic. Anne believes in the good we do each day and makes all decisions from a position of caring for people. 


Besides being loved by those that have worked with and for her, Anne has been an ambassador for our Region by leading teams to bring emergency support to other regions when they were surging (Mohawk and S. Tier). 


Anne brought credit to herself, her people and our Regional team with her efforts. Anne is highly intelligent, dissecting processes and problems to consider the unintended consequences that may come about from decisions and circumstances we make or encounter each day. 


Anne is a true joy to work with and one person that we all would like to meet when this initiative ends.

- Andrew Marquis' Team

Laney Johnson came to the School Specialist Team in February and has been an amazing asset! She has many years experience in RCSD as an administrator, and has helped shed light on practices within traditional schools, BOCES programs, and the school environment as a workplace, particularly the enigma that is RCSD.


Laney devised a Travel Guide and distributed to schools, which they really needed after Feb break, and appreciated! She has helped bring somewhat uncooperative families and outlying schools into the fold with her understanding, calm demeanor and complete grasp on how all the pieces fit together! Thank goodness we have you!

- Korin Reynolds Team

Tolley Reeves is a Librarian at heart. Tolley’s team members have gone out of their way to let me know that “they have the best supervisor”. Has Tolley helped to mentor / promote the most contact tracers to team supervisor? Very possibly.

- Annie Behr's Team

Cassandra Kolock has designed a whole new document for the CSS team to increase our efficiency and to help manage our workflow. Other regions have adopted her strategy as well because it works so well. 


Cassandra is kind, thoughtful, and empathetic. She will pick up a phone and spend hours with the person on the other end of that phone until she can find a way to help them. She is a true public servant, and our region is truly lucky to be served by her. It is an absolute joy to work with Cassandra.

- CSS Team

It can't be said enough how outstanding Aubree Jones has been as a mentor and a resource both for myself and the team. She has been both patient and proactive and has taken the time to make sure things have transitioned as smoothly as possible, whether it was her job to or not, regardless of the fact that she has plenty to do in MC PCG. 


I also have to tip my hat to Shondale Lewis. Now that I've been the gatekeeper in Travel for a few days, using a process that is close to what we did in Monroe County during the surge, it’s clearer than ever how amazing she is at driving and controlling a huge amount of call volume and doing so with both a positive and patient attitude!


- Dan McEnerney - Team Supervisor

I want to give Lee Ann Rider some big kudo's. She emailed me to find out how to list a school. She went the extra mile and found out that this certain case was related to another case, both school related. I had reached out to the school last week asking if the first case had any close contacts. There were none (of course they are all such great mask wearers). Lee Ann had a second case today and she just did some good digging to find out that I had notes in the first file stating the school said there were no close contacts. 


So, I reached out to the school again and now there are 6 - all related (you know the ones that always wear their masks and there are no close contacts). She just went the extra mile. Great Job Lee Ann! Thank you for your hard work!


- Kathy LeFrois - School Specialist


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Rasheda Valleriani's

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