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Who among us couldn't use some help in the kitchen? Since we're home more now, cooking for ourselves, it's even harder to figure out what to make for dinner every night. And for us WFH-ers breakfast and lunch too! We'll feature recipes here that will spur some ideas of what to cook along with some favorite recipes from the team and cooking tips for those that need a little help in the kitchen.


// Meatless Mondays: What To Make

25 Meatless Monday recipes to change up your dinner plans.

Do you observe Meatless Monday? It’s a movement to eat meatless meals one day per week. (Guess the day. Yep!) Luckily, it can be the most delicious day of the week. Alex and I started eating more vegetarian and vegan meals for two reasons: to improve our physical health and tread more gently on the planet. We started by doing one day a week with Meatless Mondays…and then we loved it so much we added it to other days of the week too!


Cooking tips from the Team

Are you a chef at heart? Let us know!

Cooking is not for everyone. But with a few tips, it can be easier for those of us that aren't chef's at heart. Have a meal prep tip? Know your way around kitchen tools and gadgets? Do you follow the recipe or wing it with what's in the fridge and pantry? Tell us all about it!

Drinking Wine

// Maggie Shippy - Team Member

Maggie's Wine Corner

Maggie Shippy has worked with wine since she was 18 years old. She started in an Italian restaurant in New Jersey where she was mocked for being the only blonde amongst a staff of stereotypical looking Italians. She has since gone on to work for some of the top restaurants in the country as well as internationally.

Maggie curated a 27 page wine list at her own wine bar, Carmella’s (named for her Grandmother) in Portland, Oregon that she ran for five years. She’s loves teaching about wine and taking the pretension away from something that is intended to be enjoyed.


Recipes from the Team

Have a favorite recipe? Let us know!

Without being able to eat out as much as we used to, more people are cooking in the kitchen. And with colder weather, comfort food is high on the list of things to make. What's your favorite recipe to make this time of year?