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// Keeping up with Covid


  • Urgent Care centers will not test anyone who doesn’t have symptoms. They will send you to a NYS testing site.


  • WellNow Urgent Care centers will test without symptoms, depending on the site. The patient will be charged because most insurance companies will not pay for a Covid test if they are not symptomatic.


  • NYS testing sites are testing asymptomatic people.


  • If anyone needs a Covid test but lives too far from a NYS testing site they should contact their primary provider to arrange for a test.


  • If a person tested positive for Covid they must wait 14 days to get the vaccine.


  • A person can continue to test positive up to 90 days after initial test. This does not mean they are contagious. 


  • Pro tips for boosting your immune system:

    • Multi vitamins

    • Vitamin E and C  

    • Orange juice, garlic, ginger, and spinach are good antioxidants

    • Drink room temperature water and hot tea

    • Stay warm!

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The Latest Updates

The CDC Guidelines change regularly. Follow this link to stay up to date.

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Who's on the List

We have some of the lowest infection rates and we're trying to keep it that way.

// Life in a Pandemic

We all are doing our best to stay busy, stay positive, and find the good in what the last year has brought us. Covid has completely changed the landscape of our daily lives, our livelihoods, our family life and it hasn't been easy for anyone. Our team members have shared what they have been doing to cope with their new reality of living in a pandemic.

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Schools + Colleges

With many schools back to in person learning, NYS is keeping track of the Covid numbers.

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Preparedness Plan

Mayor Lovely Warren launched a COVID-19 Preparedness

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Resources for Tracing

There's a lot to know in this job. Check the CT Training site to stay on top of things.