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In times like these, escaping reality and diving into the world of books can never be a bad thing. Books, whether fiction or non-fiction, educational or just a good story, provide us a means to paint a picture in our minds in our own unique and individual ways. Our Books section will give you a great starting spot for new reads you can pick up in your spare time when you’re tired of looking at a screen, and hopefully provide the inspiration to seek out works that appeal to you the most. Happy reading!

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All Boys Aren't Blue

- Sasha M. Latvala, Team Member

The Overstory

- Mary Guhin, Team Member

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The Princess Spy

- Kristin Leitten, Team Member

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// A recommendation from team member Stacey Meyer

“The End of Her” is a suspenseful book that makes you double, even triple think as to what will happen next. 

Stephanie is a strong mother and wife who has a busy life and when her world gets tipped on it’s axis she doesn’t take it sitting down. She becomes her own detective to get the answers she needs and has some difficult decisions to make along the way. Who does she trust? The blackmailer or her husband who she already knows is keeping secrets? The question is just how deep do his secrets go?


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With so many books out there, who knows which ones to read! Have you read a good book lately? Give us your recommendations and we'll share them here.

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Whether it's beach weather already or you're just looking ahead to days when you can finally stretch out that towel, the best beach read will make you feel like you're basking in the sun. Even if this summer's hottest staycation reading locale is by the pool in your own backyard (or, heck, in the pool on a fun pool float) — or on the living room couch with the windows open and a fan going — a good book can make any day feel like a relaxing escape.


Whether you prefer your summer books on the sexy side, in the realm of spine-tingling suspense, rich with historical detail or true-to-life memoirs, an embarrassment of riches have landed this year.


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// A recommendation from team member Marina Barnum

Haben Girma is the first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School

I read “Haben - The First Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law” when it first got released sometime during 2019 just before COVID came into our area. I thought it was an inspiring story, especially for me as I am also deaf but with no visual limitations at this time except for the need to get new glasses. Even my 10 year old son who loves to read and is deaf thought her story was inspiring to him too.


The whole story line is about making connections in unique ways to resist potential isolation. I guess that is my story too, I’m here to make connections in unique ways to reach out to the general community!